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1-on-1 and group coach-mentoring

Being able to inspire and create a happy workplace for yourself and your team is - believe it or not - a skill that you can develop over time with practice and proper guidance.  


It is now commonly accepted that the right type of business coaching can help organizations become – and stay – successful, by retaining and developing great people leaders and employees. A skilled business coach can save a company thousands of dollars from increased productivity, innovation, employee retention, engagement, and reduced absenteeism. 


Our coach-mentoring program is offered to employees and managers to support their efforts in contributing to positive mental health and wellness at work. Sessions can focus on specific topics

of interest - such as providing effective feedback to employees, time management, or dealing with burnout  - or they can be broader in nature to enable the participant to focus on opportunities for learning and to bring attention to supportive habits for achieving lasting positive change.

For people leaders & managers

The number one factor in North America that affects someone’s ability to thrive at work is their relationship with their direct manager. In fact, about 50% of US adults who leave their jobs do so in order to get away from their manager. Yet despite their critical role in a company’s overall success, all too often people are put into management positions without receiving the right types of support, training, and coaching to help shape them into leaders who can unlock their team's potential.


Like most things, being a great leader usually doesn’t happen overnight. That’s where Cloud 9 to 5 comes in. Our people leader coach-mentoring program offers new and experienced managers insight that goes well beyond the operational side of how to manage others, drawing focus instead on how to create an environment where people actually enjoy coming to work, and how to inspire employees to work to their full potential. It also provides regular support and expertise for managers to help them feel confident with the decisions they make, to continue to develop their skills as a people leader, and to provide a sounding board for difficult issues that may come up.

Ideal for those who:

  • manage others and are seeking new ways to empower and inspire their team

  • are seeking assistance with identifying and addressing systemic problems within the team or organization

  • feel like they are not meeting their potential as a people leader

  • would like to actively encourage positive mental health and wellness in the workplace

  • want to learn how to take a more employee-centric management approach

  • manage a team with high levels of stress, anxiety, overwork, burnout

  • want to help address challenges within their team related to employee motivation, productivity, engagement, turnover rates, absenteeism and presenteeism

  • are already awesome leaders, and want to make sure it stays that way! ;)

For employees

Imagine for a moment your dream job. What are you doing on a regular basis? Who are you working with? What's the workplace environment like? How are you treated by your manager, co-workers and direct reports?


Now think about your actual job. Chances are there are at least a few areas that could use some improvement. Now, while there are usually some things that can't necessarily be changed by an individual employee (government legislation, for example), there are actually a surprisingly large number of things we as individuals can do to impact our experience at work. And that's what this program is all about. 


First, we work with individuals to identify what makes them happy (and unhappy) at work (because at the end of the day, happy people perform better!). We look at the "dream job" scenario and compare it to what's actually going on within their specific work context. We then explore ways to bridge the gap and put together a plan to focus on those priority areas that they do have control over, so that they can take responsibility for their own happiness at work.

Ideal for those who:​

  • feel like they are not meeting their potential at work

  • would like to encourage positive mental health and wellness in the workplace

  • would like to have more control over their own happiness at work

  • feel unmotivated, disconnected, frustrated, or generally unhappy at work

  • find themselves overwhelmed with stress, anxiety or overwork

  • are already happy at work, and want to make sure it stays that way! ;)


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