conferences & keynotes

Whether you want to learn about the latest research on why companies with happy and healthy employees are more successful, or how leaders can improve business outcomes by leveraging their employees, or how to create a mentally healthy work environment, our series of keynote presentations are perfect for conferences, corporate learning days, and other events with a large audience.


Our keynotes are always relevant, inspiring and fun and offer simple and tangible take-aways. Every keynote is customized to suit the needs of the audience and can be designed specifically for employees, HR professionals, managers & leaders, or other specific groups.

Some of our most popular topics include:

-How to build a happy, healthy, high-performing workplace

-Mental health at work

-Take responsibility for your own happiness at work

-Praise and recognition: how to motivate and improve engagement through positive feedback and other simple techniques

-How to improve the customer experience by focusing on your company’s culture

-How to create more positive, engaging, and effective meetings

-Change management: how to stay happy when the organization faces large-scale changes

-Dealing with burnout, absenteeism, stress, anxiety and overwork, and achieving work-life balance

-Social purpose: how to tap into your team’s potential by creating a more socially driven company

-How to build stronger and more cohesive teams

-Creating meaning and purpose for the individual, the team, and the company.

-Improving collaboration amongst teams with different subcultures

-How to encourage innovation within the team

-Building a culture that works for all generations (Millennials, Gen X, Baby boomers, etc)

Have a specific topic in mind but don’t see it in our list? No problem! We have an extensive network of subject-matter experts and advisors who work with us to develop presentations where appropriate, and we are constantly developing new presentations to suit the needs of our clients.

Length: 1 - 2 hours, or customized

Number of participants: any size

Cost: variable

Who's it for: companies, government, non-profit organizations, teams, conference attendees

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