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leadership training

About 50% of US adults who leave their jobs do so in order to get away from their manager.

As the saying goes, "one bad apple can spoil the bunch", and this couldn't be more true when looking at a company's leaders.


Research shows that managers wield a disproportionately significant amount of influence over the mood and success of a team, and without their active participation, creating a culture of workplace happiness can only go so far.

Good leaders motivate and energize their employees and create a level of happiness that make employees go the extra mile for the workplace and the customers. Bad managers on the other hand spread frustration and stress all around them.


This training gives leaders the knowledge and tools they need to make their people happy at work, regardless of their budget.  


This training gives executives and managers everything they need to start creating a happier and more productive workplace, including:

-knowledge about happiness at work based on the latest research

-specific tools they can start using right away within their teams

-a clear plan of action for improving the workplace culture

-a great, positive shared experience


The exact contents depend on your group’s needs and interest. We will go through the most important points about happiness at work and give participants a solid grounding on the topic. Content includes:

  • What is happiness at work?

  • What makes employees happy at work – and no, it’s not raises, bonuses and perks.

  • Why happy companies make more money.

  • The most pernicious myths about happiness at work,

  • What makes us unhappy at work and how to avoid it.

  • How leaders stay happy at work.

  • Simple tools leaders can use to make their employees happier.

  • How you get your employees to take responsibility for their own happiness at work.


We have 3 standard formats for leaders

1. Presentation (1-2 hours)

2. Workshop (4-8 hours)

3. Ongoing support (duration dependent on client)

Leadership Presentation - intro to workplace happiness

We then give some practical suggestions on how to start making happiness a priority within your organization.

Leadership workshop - identifying 

Ongoing support - regular check-ins

Want to book a Leader training session or have questions?  Contact us!

Don't see what you're looking for or have something else in mind? No problem! We're always happy to work with organizations to tailor our services to fit your particular needs. Drop us a line and we can discuss other ways Cloud 9 to 5 can work with your team.

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