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one-on-one coaching

100% Money Back

About 50% of US adults who leave their jobs do so in order to get away from their manager.

We aim to inspire Management and HR teams with best practices, support on HR marketing plans and employee experience initiatives, assist in developing a Happiness Plan.

-sounding board


-combined with business consulting

-creating a personalized h@w action plan

-leadership coaching on how to inspire others 

Want to book a consulting session/package or have questions?  Contact us!

Don't see what you're looking for or have something else in mind? No problem! We're always happy to tailor our services to fit your particular needs. Drop us a line and we can discuss other ways Cloud 9 to 5 can work with your team.

-hourly rate - $150/hr

-5 hour package + 30 minute introductory planning session - $700

-10 hour package + 30 minute introductory planning session - $1250

-monthly & customized packages available 

We believe that being happy and healthy at work is a right, not a privilege.  That's why we're committed to finding a way to work within your budget. If you or your team would like to access our coaching services but our rates are beyond your current budget, give us a shout and we'd be happy to explore different options for helping you creating a thriving workplace.

Reduced rates are always available for non profit organizations.

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