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chief happiness officer academy
1 June - 10 July, 2020


Since 2003, Woohoo Inc from Denmark has been paving the way for creating happier, healthier workplaces, and have trained hundreds of experts around the world through their Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) Academy.


That's why we're thrilled to launch this online Chief Happiness Officer Academy, in partnership with Woohoo Inc and three other international partners. Normally run in-person over 3.5 days, this highly immersive program has been adapted to offer an unforgettable online learning experience.


"After the course I came back to my organisation full of ideas, plans and time lines on how, who and when this was going to happen.

I have attended many motivational and leadership courses over the past 20 years and never came out with so much clarity as after this course. It was interesting with so many nationalities, experiences and angles to the same topic. The value vs time spend for me was immense as my entire organisation of over 100 people will benefit directly."

– Monika Hilm, Czech Republic

"Thank you for such an inspiring and energising academy. LOVED every moment of it."
– Dr Jenny Brockis, Australia

What past participants say about the program:

who it's for

The training is ideal for:

  • Organizations that are struggling with employee engagement, low morale, lack of social connectedness, or any of the other new challenges that have been brought about by COVID-19

  • Managers, HR professionals, internal facilitators and employees who want to gain the knowledge and tools to make their organization happier and healthier

  • External consultants who want to help their clients to create a happy, healthy workplace



You'll learn everything you need to help making lasting positive change within organizations. This includes:

  • The latest theory and science of happiness at work. Everything we do is research-based (and importantly, we don't cherry-pick the data!) We give you an overview of the most relevant research findings and how they apply in the workplace.

  • Real-life best practices. We'll share some tools and methods that we’ve seen work well with our clients all over the world, and how to implement them successfully.

  • How to present the business case. How do you sell the idea of happiness at work – either inside your own organization or to potential clients?

  • Common misconceptions and myths about the workplace. How and why do happiness interventions typically fail? What are some common myths or misconceptions about happiness and wellbeing at work? 

Flexible, interactive and varied:

  • Combination of self-paced learning and live weekly meetings

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home 

  • Virtual tours of happy and healthy companies

  • Personal coaching on your assignments 

  • Individual and small group assignments

Certification and networking:

  • Networking opportunities. Each Academy cohort is made up of 8-15 engaged professionals who are as passionate about creating happier workplaces as you are. Many past academy participants stay connected and even collaborate on projects together.

  • Access to a community of Chief Happiness Officers around the world. As part of your training you will receive 3 months free access to all the Woohoo Partnership materials. You'll also gain access to the wider Woohoo Partnership community, a network of over 45 companies from 30+ countries around the world that are experts in creating an amazing employee experience and happy and healthy workplaces. By joining this community, you'll experience a group of people who will support you, challenge you and help you grow in your happiness journey.



duration: 6 weeks

cost: $2000 USD + tax ($1000 USD for Woohoo Inc Partners)

start date: 1 June 2020

exams: 10 July 2020

group size: 8-15 participants per group

structure: Combination of live training sessions, pre-recorded videos, individual and group assignments, and live mentor-coaching from a certified Chief Happiness Officer.

certificate: After you successfully compete the Academy, you'll receive the official Woohoo Chief Happiness Officer Certification.

cancellation policy: We know plans can change. Please note our cancellation policy:

* Cancellations received before May 4th, 2020: 100% refund (minus any transaction fees).

* Cancellations received after May 4th, 2020 are non-refundable, but the ticket can be transferred to another person or to another Academy date.

Hope you can join us at the Academy!

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